Coronavirus Pandemic – Sports Industrials Resume Games without Fan Filled Stadiums – NIA Director Dr. Anthony Fauci Heaves First Pitch

Boston Strong news - Boston, MA: The Red Sox report Fenway Park have been augmented and expanded for the 2020 season to allow for appropriate density and physical distancing between players and ; President Donald Trump visits NIH on March 3, 2020 meeting with Dr Anthony Fauci to learn about…
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Coronavirus Pandemic – National Hockey Trades US Covid-19 Epicenters for Canadian Bubble Secure Zones

New York City Strong news - New York, NY: National Hockey League NHL reports NEW YORK - TORONTO (July 10, 2020) - Following a 142-day pause, the National Hockey League will drop the puck with a five-game schedule of Stanley Cup Qualifiers on Saturday, Aug. 1, as the National Hockey League…
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